The changing face of Nottingham’s Red Light district

4 Jul

Nottingham once had one of the liveliest red light districts in the East Midlands. Forest Road had historically been the urban gathering area of choice for women looking to sell their bodies. About a decade ago there were up to a dozen women out every night pacing up and down Forest Road East, Forest Road West and Mapperly Park Road, using the small side streets to get into cars.

But this has all changed.

Yes, there are occasionally one or two girls out in the evening. Some of these are really rough looking. And I have even seen some girls loitering in the day time.

But these are few and far between.

The red light area of Nottingham has been cleaned up. The police patrol regularly, and they are not afraid to arrest drivers who look like their soliciting.

You have been warned – it’s a dangerous pursuit around that part.

However, what police have not quite picked up on yet is the emerging trend for Eastern European girls to walk the streets, usually further away on Radford Road, which is a thriving enclave of Eastern Europeans and Middle Eastern immigrants in Nottingham.

These girls are quite well turned out, don’t have the drug-ravaged faces, and are far less aggressive than local girls. They simply do not accost men in the street, but wait instead for men to make the first move.

However, we cannot stress enough, that the times that these girls are on the streets is few and far between. It seems like they do it for short stints, then go back to their regular lives, or move on to another city. It’s rare to see them out every day in the same places.

Oh, and these Eastern European girls think nothing of offering bareback unprotected sex for about £30. Most of their customers are from the Middle Eastern population and it’s the service that they demand.

Thanks to the internet and escort sites, it’s actually possible for girls to make more money working from their flat. It’s also much safer, and most importantly, it’s not illegal.

The red light area for street prostitutes seems to be almost extinct apart from occasional stragglers, so it’s something that is best avoided.

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